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About Tap Lighting!

We are located in a beautiful old craftsmen home, gently converted for commercial use, in the vibrant, booming, and restaurant filled neighborhood of Hillcrest. We recently celebrated our eighth year at this locality, and our 18th year in business in San Diego.

We represent about 100 lines of new lighting, covering all the styles and influences, such as Victorian, Art Nouveau, Craftsman, Art Deco, Mid Century, Modern, Post Modern, Neo Modern, Not Modern At All,and some it's kind of hard to classify.

There are lines of Italian, Tuscan, Florentine, Ancient Roman, Early American, Colonial, Murano, Swaroski, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Czechoslovakian. Undoubtedly I've left someone out.

We of course sell all types of lighting also, including task/utility, bedroom, living and family area, outdoor, landscape, dining, breakfast nook, workshop, hallway, den, desk, and kitchen.

We don't just sell you lights, though. We have a range of customizing options, such as lens, glass, and diffuser choices, color, lamping, and height issues. This helps make a good choice a great choice for your particular lighting need. Another popular option is adding a switch.

Many older homes have electrical sources in the walls without switches, so the only way to turn a sconce on and off is by unscrewing the bulb. Believe it or not, a lot of people do this! But we can add a switch to almost any light bringing a nifty new modern style up to state of the art 1923 lighting!

Pull chain, rotary, and push button options are available, and on some lights, depending on design, a dimming switch or even a touch switch is a possibility. In this way a bedside reading lamp can be made from almost any cool light there is, as one example. We help make your wishes a reality.

We also have a stable of known, honest, capable electricians who are thoroughly familiar with our products, and all the technical nuances of modern lighting , who we will gladly recommend. We only recommend those with NO negative feedback.

We also provide every light we sell with the correct light bulbs, and we have a vast selection of bulbs as well. With over 22,000 different light bulbs in the world today, it's impossible to have them all, but if we don't have it we can almost always get it quickly. Our light bulb prices are extremely competitive as well, with discounts for commercial and repeat customers freely offered.

Then there's Antique and Vintage...where do I start? There's Antique and Vintage Lighting stores and then there's...wait! There really aren't that many! That's about half of our vast inventory. Over the years we've developed a range of suppliers for the hard to get, old rare lights of yesteryear.

Spanish and Art Deco our specialty. Of course we can never tell what will be offered to us, so our inventory in this arena is always surprising and interesting. We are happy to search for particular styles or specific lights for individuals as well, and over the years we've helped a large number of people find exactly what they wanted. They've been on a "Call me if you find a such and such..." basis.

Since we've helped light so many businesses, homes, and restaurants so successfully, why not take advantage of our free in home [or business] consultation service, where we can guide you and your desires to the best possible lighting solution.


These are just some of the lines we carry


3690 Sixth Ave., San Diego, CA 92103 • Phone 619-692-0065